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Simplifying Your Sitter Needs

We bring reliable, responsible, experienced and caring
child care providers to your door.



Are you new to the area and in need of a reliable sitter?
Would you like assistance in hosting a child’s party?
Have you forgotten what “date night” means?

Sunflower Sitters Referral Services is here to serve you with reliable, responsible, experienced and caring child care providers.

Sunflower Sitters serves the community of Lawrence, KS and surrounding areas by matching the child care needs of families with reliable, responsible, experienced and caring child care providers and provides this service in a consistent, user-friendly and professional manner.
Sunflower Sitters is pleased to offer:
  • Interviewing and thorough screening of individuals with recent, positive experience working with/caring for children.  Screening includes checking personal and professional references, employment and education histories/credentials, driving history report, sex offenders registry and criminal records.  
  • Photos and descriptions of providers—their experiences, backgrounds and interests.
  • Purposeful matching of client’s needs and personality with provider’s qualifications and interests through a detailed database.
  • Easy processing—simply complete and submit family information form and health form. The director will then contact you to schedule a time to meet and to review and sign the Client/Agency Agreement. The annual fee is due at the meeting. When child care need arises, contact Sunflower Sitters by email or phone and as soon as a match is found and the provider accepts the job, the family/client is contacted with the referral.  Contacting Sunflower Sitters as early as possible will allow more time to locate a sitter. The provider shows up at the client’s door ready to provide reliable, responsible, experienced and caring child care.
  • Downloadable forms.
  • A local company with commitment to serving the community of Lawrence.
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